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About Protopixel

Hi, I'm Greg Lovelidge. A Salesforce Technical Architect with over a decade of experience in the world of Salesforce consulting, development, and administration.

My Experience

I specialize in providing architectural guidance across various Salesforce projects and have been involved in designing custom solutions for multiple industries. Alongside my technical skills, I hold several Salesforce architect certifications.

Over the years, I've worked at boutique consulting firms and global technology companies. Additionally, I have hands-on experience as an independent contractor supporting enterprise clients with their unique Salesforce challenges.

Years of Experience
Architect Certifications
Total Certifications

Why I Started Protopixel

The idea behind Protopixel stems from my passion for technology and coding combined with a desire to work more closely with clients. By creating Protopixel as an independent consulting business focused on Salesforce custom development, my aim is to deliver more impactful and meaningful work to help businesses thrive.

Large consulting firms can often be hindered by bureaucratic processes or limited by their size; however, at Protopixel I pride myself on being agile and responsive to my client's needs. This flexibility allows me to develop tailored solutions that address the specific goals of each organization I partner with.

If you're interested in learning more about how Protopixel can bring value to your organization, please feel free to reach out. Let's create something amazing together!